In-house and bespoke training

In-house training

Prefer to hold one of our courses at your own organisation?

If you have a large group of people requiring the same training, for convenience and lower cost, sometimes it’s best to run one of our courses at your own organisation or choice of venue. Most of our courses can be arranged for in-house training and possible to development the course to better suit your organisations needs.

Benefits of in-house training
  • Training cost savings – Cost per delegate is typically lower than our open scheduled courses.
  • Travel cost savings - You don’t have to pay for the travel and possible accommodation costs to get your employees to our training venues.
  • More focused training– Running in-house training can generally allow the training to be a lot more focussed on the relevant needs to your business.
  • Convenience – By having in-house training in your own building can make working around your staff schedules a lot easier.
  • Team building – Having a room full of delegates from the same organisation encourages team work and increased understanding of each other and roles.

Bespoke training and events

Whatever your learning and development requirements, we will work with you to produce effective learning solutions that enable performance improvement throughout your organisation.

From one off events to a programme of learning and development, we can deliver in a variety of formats including workshops, bite-size sessions, engaging lunchtimes, e-learning, blended learning or formal training.

Using our bespoke training and events service means we do all the hard work freeing you up to take full benefit of the tailored learning solution.

Service can include:
  • Guide and support you through the process
  • Build a outcome specification
  • Design the course or programme
  • Take on the logistics and administration
  • Post course/programme evaluation

You will be supported by our experienced and professional advisors and again access to our extensive and high quality subject knowledge experts.

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